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An application developer designs and develops digital services for users, observing the standards and standards recognized in this profession, and following the modern level of computer security at all stages. Knowledge of the client’s business for which he implements the application may be requested. It takes into account economic constraints in terms of cost and time, security requirements specific to the area of its intervention. It may also be necessary, at the request of the customer, to integrate the principles associated with the responsible design of digital services.


Interactive design. To design and develop user interfaces for a desktop or web type, he develops a model with sequences of screens that he checks for the user. It encodes input and output forms, as well as reports, by safely scheduling user events and accessing data stored in the database. To design and implement data persistence, he analyzes a functional specification or user query to model and create a relational database or a NoSQL database (not just SQL) or to adapt an existing database to a database. optimization or addition of elements and prevention of vulnerabilities in the information system.

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