How Can I Design And Sell Stickers On My Website?


If you are thinking about the importance of stickers in a product then you must know that stickers are important. Sometimes custom made bumper stickers can act as a logo or label for your products or can also add an aesthetic or kawaii vibe for the products. It will be better or highly recommended that you add some stickers to your products for either decorating or labeling purposes. This will be visually attractive and more customers can buzz in for purchasing your products.

Stickers are also used for stationeries, decorating rooms, or electronic objects like laptops, tablets, or mobiles. They are also used for journaling as well. Stickers can also be given as a complimentary gift or as a souvenir alongside a product that has been purchased for the first time and acts as a source of finance for many aspiring designers. So, here we go looking out for how to create stickers and sell them online.

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How To Create and Sell Stickers?

Before creating your stickers not only you have to think about what your personal preferences are regarding sticker design but also will have to go through the trends in the marketplace. To be more precise, you will have to research what type of stickers are more popular and recommended online, which age and range of people buy stickers, and their purpose. First, outline the basic points and then move on to the next stage.

  1. Types of Stickers: You can either digitally design and print your stickers or draw by hand and then give it a finishing touch with your graphics tablet. Then you need to outline what types of stickers you want to make. There are types of stickers like Kiss Cut Stickers and Die Cut Stickers. Kiss Cut stickers can be cut from the top but will retain the backing or the border. Die Cut stickers are cut both from the top and the back and are used for complex shapes and designs.
  2. Sticker Material: Just like the label materials, sticker materials are also very important. The texture of the stickers can be matte, vinyl, glossy, holographic, or clear based on the theme and preference of the stickers.
  3. Design Mediums: As mentioned before, if you have a small business then you can design your stickers from a graphics tablet, desktop, or through your free hand. Some popular design software includes Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Canva, etc. If you want to open this very business on a large scale and the stickers are for commercial business purposes then you can hire more professional designers.
  4. Print Out Stickers: There are various methods for printing out stickers. The most popular and easy method is the Cricut machine. This machine efficiently cut the sticker out of the material. Sticker printing companies can also be hired but it will be costly.
  5. Sell Online: You can easily sell your stickers on your Facebook page, personal websites, or on sites like Shutterstock, canvas, Themeforest, Etsy, Shopify, etc. Start selling to your close ones to your social media friends and then through other sites.
  6. Pricing Of Stickers: The price depends on the size, material, and design of the stickers. If the sticker has a good texture with heavy designs then the price can be increased. For starters, it is better to reduce the sticker price for more customer attention.


Stickers add that happiness to any products that are purchased. Stickers also act as the representative of certain brands. Hence, it is important to include stickers for any business purpose.